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Soon Ralph Zuke will ride his bike with a Barcalounger Rickshaw 1000 miles for the eradication of Polio because even one case is too many.  He will be accomplishing the Ralphalounger Rickshaw tour from St. Louis to Toronto.  The ride will last 22 days, one day for each of the preventable cases of Polio that occurred in 2017.

This is Ralph's projected route and stops along the way:

Ralph's Ride

Friday June 1
       St.Louis to Staunton Il. 51.0 miles

Saturday June 2
       Staunton to Springfield 65..6 miles

Sunday June 3
       Springfield to Decatur 42.0 miles

Monday June 4
       Break day/ make up day

Tuesday June 5
       Decatur to Champaign 49.6 miles

Wednesday June 6
       Champaign to Thawville 43.1 miles

Thursday June 7
       Thawville to Ann Aroma Park 40.6 miles

Friday June 8
       Aroma Park to Valparaiso 56.5 miles

Saturday June 9
       Valparaiso to South Bend 50.8 miles

Sunday June 10
       Break day/ make up day

Monday June 11
       South Bend to Constantine 37.1 miles

Tuesday June 12
       Constantine to Jackson 76.3 miles

Wednesday June 13
       Jackson to Ann Arbor 39.2 miles

Thursday June 14
       Ann Arbor to Windsor On. 42.5 miles

Friday June 15
       Hot tub day/ make up day

Saturday  June 16
       Windsor to Chatham 49.4 miles

Sunday June 17
       Chatham to Glenco 37.7 miles

Sunday June 18
       Glenco to London 31.7 miles

Monday June 19
       London to Brantford 56.8 miles

Tuesday June 20
       Brantford to Burlington 31.7 miles

Wednesday June 21
       Shave and haircut day/ make up day

Thursday June 22
       Burlington to Toronto 37.3 miles

Friday June 23
       Conference Time!

Stay tuned for updates!

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There have only been THREE cases of polio this year, all of them in Afghanistan.  But did you know that there could be another outbreak in the United States if we aren't proactive in ending this terrible disease?   Check out this video about Paul Alexander who lives in Dallas, TX and who spends most of his day in his iron lung.

Here is the story of Brady Richard who now maintains Paul Alexander's iron lung.

You can help eradicate polio too!  Your donation is GREATLY needed and appreciated!!!




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